Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Cleaning: Bathroom & Tub

So far we have covered cleaning the kitchen as part of our Spring Cleaning Series. I hope your kitchen is as clean as ours! Its now time to move on to the bathroom!

I know all of you know how to clean the toilet and the sink and even the shower, but today I would like to share my favorite bathroom cleaner, other than vinegar and water that is. Baking soda works wonderfully as well, but this cheap little product cuts through soap scum better than baking soda ever did. And what is it? Bon Ami!

This still is wonderful! Not only will it clean your tub, but you can clean almost any hard surface in your house. You can also clean your stainless steel pots with it! Furthermore, its all natural! I wouldn't eat it though.

So, to the shower! As you can see its pretty dirty. Not as dirty as it could be, but dirty enough to see.

First, I sprayed the entire shower with my all purpose cleaner. Next, I sprinkled the tub with the powder.


I then closed the drain and added some water to the tub.

Scrub, scrub, scrub, then rinse. Make sure you get the soap scum off the walls to!

And you are done! Its going to take some scrubbing, but it will get almost everything off. If you still have some soap scum left in your tub and REALLY want to get it off, you can always use Goo Be Gone. Its what I use when I want a deep clean. After my shower, I spray the bottom with some and let it sit until I am done getting ready. Then I just wipe off all the scum and rinse! Easy as pie and NO scrubbing, but a lot less green. A word of caution though. DO NOT take a shower or bath right after cleaning it. Let it sit and dry for a couple hours. If you don't, you'll regret it. Trust me...

And now you have a clean shower! I also use Bon Ami in my sinks and you can use it in the toilet if you have hard water stains to remove. If not, spraying peroxide in the bowl and vinegar everywhere else will do the trick. The peroxide whitens and disinfects while the vinegar cuts through the grime and disinfects the seats!

Happy cleaning!
<3The Mortician's Wife

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