Wednesday, January 11, 2012

21 Days to a More Organized Home: Day 8

Welcome back to the challenge. Did you manage to organize your fridge yesterday? The good news is, mine was already organized! Why? As I mentioned before, this is something I take care of every time we buy groceries. Because we recently bought groceries, my fridge is organized!

I know. There is like nothing in there. Normally we have a fuller fridge, but since it is winter, we are eating a lot of potatoes and other root vegetables which aren't in the fridge. That plate above the drawer....that's spinach I washed last night. I didn't use all of it for dinner so I'm probably going to eat it has a snack. I love spinach.

After buying groceries, it takes about 5 minutes to purge my fridge of all the stuff that we aren't going to eat, that's old and expired, or about to expire. This saves me a lot of time and frustration later, especially during cooking. I know where everything is in my fridge, so I never have to search for my ingredients.

Do you have before and after pictures of your fridge? I'd love for you to share them with me. Seeing the transformations is probably the best part of organizing your home.

Now on to Day 8, which is building upon your organized fridge!

DAY 8: Finishing Off the Freezer

Since you have already organized your fridge, its time to crack down on your freezer. You may have already done this yesterday, and if so, good for you. If you didn't, you need to take care of it today.

It is a huge misconception that foods in the freezer never go bad. So untrue. It doesn't matter how you store it; food eventually goes bad. However, freezing food helps extend its shelf life because it slows down bacterial growth.

To avoid such behavior, label all your freezer food, whether you made it or bought it. I love Martha Stewart's Freezer Labels. You can either print them on sticky paper or regular paper and tape them on to your foods. I print on normal paper. Label each item as it enters your freezer with the date. This way you always know when you put the item in the freezer and how long it has been in there. Most foods will last around 3 months. However, it is best you check the label or research the food's shelf life.

Want more tips? Well, I have some more!

1. Organize by food type. Keep vegetables and fruits together. IF you have meats, keep them separate. Placing a rimmed plate or sheet underneath them is a good safely trick. You never know if you freezer will stop working. This will prevent cross contamination so some of your food may be salvageable.

2. Label all homemade items. Take away the guess work and you won't be frustrated later.

3. Use clear containers. Just like in your fridge, you should use clear containers so there are no surprises.

4. Do not put meat. ice cream, or fruits and vegetables in the door. Reserve this location for grains and nuts. The temperature fluctuates most in the door shelves. You want your food to last as long as possible, so use it wisely.

Today I challenge you to clean and reorganize your freezer. It should only take you about 30 minutes if you have a large freezer; 15 if it is smaller. Throw away old food or food you are unsure about. Label what you can and separate your items accordingly and have fun!

Friday we will begin attacking other problem areas in the kitchen. Tomorrow I would like you to start thinking about your ideal kitchen and the organization system it will use. Transforming your kitchen is going to take longer than the days designated for it. However, you will finish it and the rest of your house by the beginning of February. Start picking up the tools you will need for this transformation tomorrow. Don't worry about getting everything. I have been buying canisters 2 or 3 at a time for a week now. They are expensive and to buy them all at once would be impossible for me at the moment. But, by breaking it up, I can afford it and it makes organizing my kitchen easier because I can break it into chunks. I'll see you back here on Friday!

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