Saturday, January 7, 2012

21 Days to a More Organized Home: Day 5

I hope setting up your "Paper Processing Center" is going well. As I mentioned in those posts, spend the weekend putting this filing system together. If you can't purchase anything new, at least go through and start organizing your mail and working towards sorting your mail as soon as it comes in.

Now, on to Day 5 of the challenge, sorting through general paper clutter.

DAY 5: Other Paper Clutter

Obviously there is other paper clutter filling out houses and overwhelming us. I have some tips and tricks on dealing with this clutter as well.

Like mail, you need to sort through paper clutter as it arrives. Filing is likely going to be the best option here because piling paper clutter doesn't get rid of the clutter. Since other paper clutter usually doesn't need immediate attention, you don't need to keep it out in the open to make sure it gets done. Sorry Pilers!

You need to deal with each paper type differently, so I've set up a nice chart!

Paper Type                                 Store It                                        Paperless

Articles to Read                      Document Envelope                       Bookmark on your computer
                                             you can carry with you

Inspiration/Reference               Accordian file folder w/                   Use Pinterest!
                                             labels on each tab

Coupons/Receipts                  Coupon wallet w/                            Get coupons on your
                                             dividers                                         smartphone

Kid's Art                                Lidded box                                     Take Photos!

Instruction Books/                  In the same room                           Download copy!
Warranties                            as the item. Magazine
                                            holder works.


My challenge for you is to organize the rest of your paper clutter this weekend as well as setting up your mail center. This shouldn't take too terribly long and don't feel you have to do it ALL this weekend. Simply get started. In your planner, jot down how much time you would like to spend doing it and give yourself several days to complete the task. I will be working on this as well tomorrow. I have magazines I need to go through and some paper clutter tucked away in a closet. Weird, I know.

Look Alive!
<3The Mortician's Wife


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  1. Lolz... We have paper clutter tucked in our closet as well...


  2. A lot of people are overwhelmed with the task of clearing paper clutter in their homes. It is great that there are information such as this that provide helpful tips in making this easier. Thanks for sharing.


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