Monday, January 30, 2012

21 Days to a More Organized Home: Day 20

Wow! Can you believe we are nearing the last two days of the "21 Days to a More Organized Home" Challenge?! I am so excited. For all of you that have participated, keep up the good work. You have one more major day of organizing before its all done! Isn't that a nice feeling?

So, did you finish your garage? If not, that's okay. Keep working on it. Remember to use that planner. Scheduling out times to organize will hold you accountable.

On to day 20!

DAY 20: Organizing Your Basement

This is another extensive project for most of you. However, it is no different than any other room in your house. The advice is exactly the same as it was for every other room. Start small. Try to focus on one area at a time. My mom always started in the back corner near the freezer in our old house. She would slowly work her way around the room, counter clockwise until she had finished everything.

Instead of dragging everything out, simply go through each item where it already is. Open a box, sort it, reorganize it, label it, and place it back on the shelf. where you got it I find using inventory sheets for each box works best when storing decorations and what not. That way I don't have to open every box to find the decorations I'm looking for since its on the outside for me to read!

Make sure you do go through every box. Unfortunately mice, rats, and other critters like to nest in boxes that aren't used more than 1 month out of the year. I remember my mother opening all her Easter decorations and finding them ruined because a mouse decided to start a family in them. This is a good time to check to see if there are mice nesting in your stuff and if they are, cleaning out your basement should help you find where they are coming in at. If not, set up humane traps to catch and release them across town.
This is also a great time to get rid of those cardboard boxes and switch to sturdy, waterproof, plastic tubs. This will not only keep the critters out, but also ensure your belongings don't experience other damages, such as mold and water.

Once you have gone through and labeled everything, you can reorganize where your boxes are. Put like items together. I know when we pack things up quickly, they often get separated. Now is the time to reunite items.

And have fun with it! Involve your family. Turn on some music and dance around as you sort and clean. There is no reason why this shouldn't be fun!

Look Alive!
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