Friday, January 27, 2012

21 Days to a More Organized Home: Day 18 & 19

Welcome back to the "21 Days to a More Organized Home" Challenge. Did you clean out your closets? How did it go? Was it hard? I'm sure it was. If you haven't finished going through your closets, its okay. Keep working. Take your time. Don't stress yourself out.

Now on to Day 18 & 19!

DAY 18 & 19: The Monster Called a Garage

Now I do not personally have a garage...yet. I'm a little upset about this, but we live in a townhouse and we don't get a garage here. However, for a lot of you, a garage is a very normal part of your life and you use it for storage. However, it sometimes, and often, ends up being a catch all area for everything that doesn't have a home in your closet or house.

My dad is notorious for cluttering the garage with tools, scrap wood, and other things he picks up from jobs. It drives my mom nuts. In our old house, it got so bad my dad couldn't pull his truck into the garage.

I can't offer you any magical tips on how to clean out and organize your garage. Like every other room in your house, you need to take a critical eye to every item in your garage. Do exactly what you have done in your other rooms in your garage. Sort items, throw items away, give items away, etc, etc. Spend at least an hour going through your garage everyday for the next 3 days. Hopefully by Sunday you'll be done.

Utilize all your storage space in your garage. Overhead bins, shelving, and closets are a great way to organize and hide items.

I wish everyone the best of luck this weekend. If you don't have a garage like me, spend the weekend catching up on other projects.

Want more ideas on how to clean up your garage? Check out my Pinterest board labeled "Organization."

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