Wednesday, January 25, 2012

21 Days to a More Organized Home: Day 16 and 17

Welcome back to the "21 Days to a More Organized Home" Challenge! Did you manage to finish organizing and decluttering your living room today? I hope so. As I mentioned, there wasn't much for me to personally do. I'm going to throw away some old bottles tomorrow and hope to pick up a DVD binder sooner rather than later. Other than that, I have nothing to do in my living room. Shocking, I know. Haha!

But, on to the next two days!

DAY 16 & 17: The Closet Monster

This is a beast plaguing every home in the world. Unfortunately the only way to rid your home of this monster is to organize. It hates organization and cleaning and will run from your home crying like a baby with its tail tucked between its legs. I'm talking about the Closet Monster.

Closets end up being a catch all for all those items we can't find a home for in the rest of our house. Its honestly time to stop this and put a system in place to prevent it.

Over the next two days I want you to completely remove all the items from your closets. Like every other area of your home, sort each item into categories: keep, donate, trash, and file later. More often than not you are going to find items that don't belong in your closet; put them away after you have reorganized your closet.

Utilize storage containers. Decorative boxes and tubs that are labeled are a great way to organize and keep things organized. In areas where you can, organize shelves by categories, grouping like items together.

Utilize the door for storage if you are able to. Hanging storage bins provide lots of extra storage and allows you to better organize.

Once you have organized your closets and utilized all the space you can, work on maintaining your organization. Each month, go through and reorganize your closet if you have to. If you can stay on top of it, keep up with the organization every time you use the closet. Make sure your family understands your system and is willing to work with you to keep in organized in clean.

There isn't much more advice I can give you on closets since everyone has a different system. Organize your closet to suit your families needs.

Need more help? Check out my Pinterest board "Organization" for more ideas!

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