Friday, January 20, 2012

21 Days to a More Organized Home: Day 13 & 14

So, did everyone have a nice break? As you saw on Wednesday, I also Blacked Out my page in protest of SOPA and PIPA. Many young bloggers, like myself, would be targeted by the entertainment industry simply for mentioning anything from a song lyric to a movie title. I do not support the government interfering with the fundamental structure of the internet, and I hope you agree with me. But back to the challenge.

Tuesday I asked you guys to go through your bathrooms and laundry rooms. How did it go? Guess who got caught up with other things and hasn't touched her bathroom yet! Me! I did the laundry room last night, but I need to do the bathroom today. However, I have a great excuse! Yesterday the Mortician and I worked on our spare bedroom and its closet, which, is sort of like our basement because its where we put everything that doesn't otherwise have a home. Pretty crazy, huh? We ended up getting rid of 4 boxes of stuff yesterday. I am currently trying to sell stuff I placed in a 5th box and will be listing the rest of the items for sale this weekend on and eBay.

Now on to days 13 and 14!

DAY 13 & 14: Bedrooms and Closets
This is actually going to be a pretty big job for most of you, but we'll make it through this. I suggest you start in the closet. Do not work on any closets other than the bedroom closets. Do not work on any other rooms other than your bedroom. You will be tempted to organize other areas during the process, but please don't. Stick to your designated area.

So, start in the closet. Pull everything out if you must. Go through EVERY item. Do not skip an item because it is in a group. Touch every item and ask yourself if you really need it, use it, or whatever. You have 30 seconds to decide if an item is worth keeping. No more. If you can't justify keeping it, get rid of it. What qualifies as getting rid of? Items that no longer fit, that you don't feel good in, that you forgot you had, never use, are broken, damaged, or otherwise useless, and of course trash.

If you end up wanting to keep an item, you need to ask yourself where it belongs. If it doesn't belong in the closet then you need to place it in a box or bag to be filed later. I would say go find a home for it, but if you do, you'll get distracted, so file it for later.
Once you have finished your closets, and yes, I mean every bedroom closet, move on to other areas of the bedroom. Fortunately for us, our master bedroom is just a closet and a bed. We don't have any hidden areas where clutter can build up, so attacking our master is pretty easy. The office/spare room, however, had a ton of places. We went through everything yesterday, each of us picking a different area to tackle. Divide the room up by function. For example, the spare room has a desk for the Mortician, a book case for storing books and reading, and a game center for gaming and relaxing. We tackled each of these areas at different times since they are different areas of the room and have different functions. We managed to part with a great deal of stuff and find homes for items we hadn't unpacked yet. Use the same process you used in the closet.

I realize to some of you, getting rid of items is going to be hard, but you can do it. If you can't decide if you want an item after 30 seconds, its probably best you get rid of it. Something a dead relative gave you? Don't feel guilty for giving it away to a better home. You do not need to hold on to an item because you feel guilty. That will in fact make things worse for you mentally, emotionally, and physically. If you really don't want to throw something away that you can't decide on, put it in the "File Later" box and deal with it at another time.

Still finding this difficult? Bring an outside person into the mix. A close friend has no attachments to your stuff and will be able to unbiasedly help you get rid of or keep items.

Don't worry about doing this all in one day. Instead, spend an hour on one area and take a break. I know getting rid of stuff can be mentally and emotionally draining. I find it liberating, but the Mortician actually finds it destructive to his OCD habits. As he put it yesterday, if he had it his way, he would hold on to every bill, paper, game, and book he got his hands on. However, he realizes what I am doing is for the best, and reluctantly works with me when we clear clutter from his areas. Spread your organizing out over a couple of days. When you finish a closet and don't feel like moving on, go ahead and drop you items off at Goodwill or price them to sell. It'll make you feel better.

Good luck!
<3The Mortician's Wife


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  1. Oh no, my closet is a bit dangerous. I really need to get rid of some of my shoes though or find a better way to organize them. The bedrooms themselves are dangerous so umm.. this may take a bit.

    I did reorganize my pantry this morning though. (I regularly clean out the fridge it just needs a good scrub). We don't have a laundry room, just a shelf over the the washer and dryer. I'm good their. lol


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