Tuesday, January 17, 2012

21 Days to a More Organized Home: Day 11 & 12

Welcome back to "21 Days to a More Organized Home!" Did you manage to attack your cupboards yesterday? As I mentioned yesterday, I actually did mine in a fit of rage and depression over the weekend so I do not have any before pictures, but I do have after ones! These are not all of my cupboards, but just a few to show you what I did.

How did you organize your cupboards? Any pictures? I would love to see them, especially if you have before and after pictures.

Now on to days 11 and 12.

DAY 11 & 12: The Laundry Monster and the Bathroom Sink

Since I am a day behind, I decided to throw these two tasks together in one post. Your Laundry room and bathrooms tend to become neglected as we focus on more "important" rooms. However, they need just as much attention as your kitchen or living room does. You bathroom gets you started in the morning so if its cluttered, your day will feel the same way. Your laundry room sets you up for future success. If its so cluttered you can't find your detergent, count on your future being cluttered as well.

Most of the time we don't even realize this is occurring. However, subliminal cues are being sent to our minds constantly from our surroundings, changing our behaviors, patterns, and influencing our lives to a great extent. So today, I would like you to focus on cleaning these two areas up. It shouldn't take too long, unless you get distracted.

Laundry rooms have a habit of being a catch all location for crap we don't know what to do with. Today, go through all the items in your laundry room and ask yourself if it belongs there. What should be in your laundry room?

1. Cleaners and treaters. DUH!

2. Old Towels and rags. Clean up messes, etc.

3. Drying rack.

4. Iron and Ironing boards (if you even use it.) A note on irons and ironing boards. If you don't use them at least once a month, get rid of it. You don't need it taking up space. Most people I know have these items and NEVER pull them out. I will be getting rid of ours today. Worried you might need it? Buy a dewrinkle spray! Works just as well. Furthermore, shirts never look as wrinkled on as they do on the hangers....at least in my case.

5. If needed, your cleaning supplies. My laundry room is a closet so I do not store my cleaning stuff here.

6. Laundry baskets and dirty laundry...if you have room. We store our dirty laundry in laundry baskets in our closets. I don't have room in my laundry room for this.

Anything else needs to go....NOW. There is no need in keeping excess junk in your laundry room. Furthermore, this is usually junk you NEVER use, so get rid of it.

What about bathrooms? Here are some Do's and Don'ts

       get rid of old makeup
       store care products you use on a daily basis
       get rid of stuff you are allergic too
       toss lotions, perfumes, and other "gifts" you got but never use
       store beauty products in a drier place
       change towels out often
       wash bath mats ever week
       cover tooth brushes or keep the toliet lid closed when you flush

       store medicines or vitamins in the bathroom
       hang on to stuff because you feel guilty
       keep items that have a little bit in the bottom. If you haven't used it yet, you won't later
       store cleaning items near care products

Use baskets to neatly store items. Sort by type and category. Label make up with the date it was opened and toss regularly.

As I said, cleaning up these two areas should be pretty easy. At most, allot 2 hours of your time to these areas.

Look Alive!
<3The Mortician's Wife


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