Monday, December 12, 2011

Stocking Stuffers

Growing up, we ALWAYS had a stocking hanging over the mantle. Last year was my first Christmas with the Mortician and I was actually living with him. Our house, however, did not have a mantle, so we missed out on the stockings. Yes, I know, you can hang them other places but it just didn't feel right to me. This townhouse does have a mantle, as some of you saw in October when I decorated it for the fall, which means I hung stockings. They are nothing grand at the moment since I didn't feel like buying super expensive stockings this year. Instead, I purchased some $1 stockings and they'll do the job just fine.

Sometimes its hard to fill the stockings, especially for adults. After visiting Target a million times in the past 3 weeks, I have seen aisle and aisle of kid stocking stuffers and gifts, but nothing geared toward adults, at least nothing that would be considered a stocking stuffer. So what do you give adults in their stocking? I've complied a small list of ideas which will suit both men AND women so you don't have to worry too much about the sex of the person you are giving too.

1. Personal Care Items
          - Tooth Brush/Tooth Paste
          - Deodorant
          - Bubble Bath/Bath Bombs/Beads
          - Soap
          - Chapstick
          - For Women: Makeup Items
          - Hand Sanitizer/wipes
          - Lotion

2. Treats
          - Favorite Candy
          - Small cheeses or meats (I don't encourage this, but its an idea)
          - Drink mixes
          - Cookies
          - Tea
          - Coffee
          - Other small food items like honey, drinks, etc

3. Other (This includes more gifty items)
          - Socks
          - T-shirt in a can
          - Gloves
          - Hats
          - Hand Warmers
          - Small Electronics such as watches, headphones, speakers, etc
          - Cell Phone Case
          - Batteries
          - Pocket Book
          - Pocket Planner
          - Small Translation Books
          - Sun Glasses
          - Jewlery
          - Scarves
          - Candles
          - Playing Cards
          - Gag Gifts

I know when you set off into the store it can feel like there is NOTHING that you can place into an adults stocking, but I hope this list helps you find the items your loved one wants or needs. I tend of focus on things people need rather than just what they want. I tend to make half the stocking personal care items or small gifts they need and the other half treats and things they want. That way the person gets a variety and you know at least half of the items will get used and most of the other half eaten!

Happy Shopping!

<3The Mortician's Wife

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  1. I had just typed up a HUGE supplemental list for you, but because my fingers are clumsy, I hit the wrong button and went back and lost the whole darn thing. Whatever, I will rise again.4

    Here are some more suggestions (although a lot of these are geared for ladies, I am not one to typecast, men can enjoy whatever they want!):

    Paperback books
    1-page-a-day calendar
    A pack of favorite pens
    Votive candles
    Packs of incense
    A meaningful Christmas/yule ornament'
    A checkbook cover
    A variety of travel-sized bottles of liquor
    Gift cards
    An "appetizer" teaser gift: for example, if you bought him, say, a cruise, you could stick a pair of swimming trunks in (provided you're not cruising to Alaska or Antarctica). Or if you got him a puppy-dog, stick in a chew-toy.
    Crossword puzzle books or sudoku books
    If the receiver is of a crafty/creative bent: paint brushes, tubes of paint, art markers, ink pads, crochet/knitting needles, yarn, hanks of beads, Pomegranate coloring books
    A letter, telling the receiver exactly how and why they are so important to you.

    Happy Yule!


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