Monday, December 5, 2011

Preparing for the Holidays

Well, we had a fantastic vacation. Tomorrow, instead of a recipe, I plan on showing you some pictures from our trip to Savannah. I would have shown them today, but we got home so late last night that I didn't have time to get the Mortician to download them before we went to bed. After running several errands, working on some projects, picking up, etc. I finally decided I would go ahead and write up a quick blog post. Its nothing special, but it should be helpful for those of you who decorate and entertain during the holiday season.

Preparing for the holidays is often dreaded my men and women of the home who decorate for the holidays and especially those who entertain during them. This year we are celebrating Christmas at our house. Twenty odd people are going to be crammed into our two bedroom townhouse for a couple hours to celebrate the gift giving season. Luckily, I am NOT stressing about the holidays! Why? Because I follow a few simple steps.

1. Make a List

Make a list of everyone coming to your party, supplies, decorations, food, etc. Make up a to do list and state on it early! Nothing will help put things into perspective and keep you organized like a list.

2. Divide Up Gifts

Exchanging gifts for the holiday? Divide them up! Put everyone's name in a basket and have people draw names to see who they will be getting a gift for. This ensures everyone gets a gift so there is no awkwardness and saves everyone money, especially during this economy. If you can't get everyone to draw names, draw them yourselves. We are going to be buying for couples at our holiday celebration to cut down spending and make the gift exchange easier. Not everyone knows each other extremely well, so this way it will be easier on everyone.

3. Divide Up Meals

There is no way in hell I'm making all the food for everyone. Instead, I'm asking everyone to bring something. Best way to do this to make sure no one brings the same thing is to start a list and contact each party individually. My list isn't done, but its getting there! I have a couple more parties to call before everything is settled. This is cheaper for us all and saves me time!

4. Fake Clean

You don't have to deep your house before guests come. Most won't know the difference anyway. Lightly clean the areas guests will be. Vacuum and declutter. That's really all you need to do. Don't worry about  dusting everything, washing your furniture, cleaning the windows, etc. Also don't worry about areas your guests won't be. You don't need to clean your master bedroom or the kids rooms. I doubt people are going to be eating dinner and what not in there. The only room you need to deep clean is the bathroom the guests will be using. This is a given though.

5. Have an "Open House" Party

What does this mean? An Open House party is one where you don't have an formal seating or anything like that. Instead, guests roam around, eat where they want (in the designated areas), and converse with whom they want about they want. This way you are less stressed, guests have more fun, and the all around party takes on a much more relaxed feel so you can relax too.

What do you do to minimize stress during the holidays? Any tips you'd like to give our readers? I hope your holiday is a little less stressful!

Look Alive!
<3The Mortician's Wife

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