Saturday, October 1, 2011

Horrific Horrors: My Favorite Halloween Movies

I am sorry for the lack of post yesterday. I had planned on posting in the afternoon, but was unable to. Yesterday morning I drove over to my parents to go garage saling with my mom. Afterwards, I helped her with her art class before we set off again to visit a few more sales. While out, I became really ill and had to leave, driving the 45 minutes home with a container between my legs. Fun stuff. Worst part was I had an interview last night at 4 which I did not think I was going to make. However, I did manage to make it, and I have my last interview today at 3:30. Everything has gone really well so far, so I am hoping I'll get the job. By the time I got home, ate dinner, and did everything else, I was too tired and feeling too bad to post so I just went to bed. I promise to make it up to you today though.

Yesterday's post was supposed to be about my favorite Halloween films, which is what I am going to post now! Today's post will follow later this afternoon. I'm still feeling crummy so bear with me.

Every year, I like to break out a select few movies to watch during the Halloween season. Most of them are kid movies, but I still love watching them. I can't say I have a particular film that is my favorite regarding Halloween, so this list is in no particular order.

Hocus Pocus- I grew up watching this with my mom and it's still a favorite. So funny and brimming with Halloween. We actually got a costume idea from it, so if we manage to have a party this year, the Mortician will use the idea.

Scooby Doo on Zombie Island- This is my FAVORITE Scooby Doo movie. For once, the zombies and ghosts are actually real, but are trying to help, not harm. Well written and animated.

Practical Magic- I actually watch this film all year, but it is great for Halloween and fairly accurate regarding paganism. I will say that no witch brings back the dead or anything like that. Just saying.

Corpse Bride- I know this is a fairly recent film, but the whole idea of the film is Halloween. Johnny Depp is wonderful in this movie and Tim Burton's story and claymation is fantastic. I great film for most ages. This may scare toddlers.

Nightmare Before Christmas- Another Tim Burton claymation, but this is probably his best. This is not a children's movie, nor was it ever intended to be. The film was made for young adults, high school age and older. I love the idea of Halloween taking over Christmas. We need this revolution now because Christmas is already taken over the Halloween section in most stores. I don't understand it. For example, at Home Goods, they had their Halloween decorations out for 3 weeks. It is now replaced with Christmas and before September was even over. Ridiculous.

The Halloween Tree- This was an animated movie based on Ray Bradbury's book and came out on Cartoon Network in 1993. I was 5 when this movie premiered, but scenes from it have stuck with me through the years. Four friends attempt to rescue their friend Pipkin who is "dying" after trying to steal a pumpkin from the Halloween Tree. In order to save him, the four friends must learn the history of Halloween. This aired, I think, two years around Halloween before being pulled. You can buy the DVD on Amazon for a hefty price, or you can watch it here where someone has kindly uploaded the whole movie in parts on YouTube. Ray Bradbury actually narrates it, making it a fantastic film. If I had to choose, this would probably be my favorite.

And finally, any scary movie will do during the Halloween season. I don't have any particular ones I watch each year, but if its scary, I tend to watch it around Halloween.

What are some movies you love watching each year? I'd love to know, especially if it is one I haven't seen! Oh and just a fun fact, three of those movies came out in 1993, when I was 5 years old. Hocus Pocus, The Halloween Tree, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. =)

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