Monday, October 3, 2011

Burlap Wreath

Today has already been crazy. I woke up with a bloody nose after a night of unrestful sleep. When I finally managed to make it downstairs to my computer, I was greeted by a message from AT&T saying my internet was not working. After much deliberation, I finally called to find out that the internet is down in our area and will probably not be up until tomorrow. Awesome! I am now sitting in the library down the road trying to catch up on my work and keep myself distracted from the hunger I am now feeling. Worst part? I just got here about 5 minutes ago and I'm already starving. I just ate too! Figures!

I was originally going to post a different art project today, but I do not have the pictures with me so I am bumping one up. Instead of my book decorations, I am going to show you my Halloween wreath I made a couple weeks ago. The idea was originally inspired by Craftaholics Anonymous's wreath. Honestly, I only liked the burlap since it gave the wreath the look of feathers. Knowing the burlap would only cost me about $4, I decided this was probably the best route to go instead of buying feathers.

What You Will Need:
1 yard black bulap
1 1/2 inch think foam tubing (found at Home Depot or Lowes)
Decorative accent (in this case skulls)
Wood Glue or Hot Glue
Measuring Tape
Duct Tape

First, cut the foam tubing to the size that you want. The larger you make your wreath, the more likely it is to sag. Once cut, duct tape the ends together. If you use silver duct tape, you are going to need to paint the tape black. If you use a foam wreath frame instead of the tubing, you will also need to paint it black too.

Cut the burlap into one inch strips that are 16 inches long. I didn't use the whole yard of burlap. Just cut until you are able to completely cover the wreath. Tie each strip around the form until covered.

Glue your accent to the wreath and let dry. If using wood glue, sit something on top of the accents to make sure they hold. I also used paperclips that I unfolded and cut to stick my foam skulls together.

As I mentioned before, the larger the wreath, the more likely it is to sag using the foam tubing as you can see in the picture below.

To fix this, I tied fishing line to the bottom and wrapped it tightly around the top until it formed a circle again. You may also notice some fading. Its been 3 weeks and the burlap is almost orange. I'm not really sure how to stop this. I have been thinking about giving it a touch up using black spray paint, but I don't want to get it on the skulls. We'll just have to see.

If you have a tip for keeping the burlap black, please let me know! Otherwise, I say keep it inside if you don't want it to discolor.

I hope you have enjoyed my wreath! Do you have a wreath on your door? What does it look like?

Look Alive!
<3The Mortician's Wife

PS:  This is something special just for you guys. This is our Manx, Thanatos, "helping" me cut the burlap.

It must feel good because he rolled around on it for over and hour. =D Silly kitty!


  1. What a cool idea for a wreath, I really like the look of it. I'm not sure what could help with the burlap, but that is some seriously fast fading. If it's just getting progressively more gray, maybe you can try to antique the skulls to match and have it look like an old relic? Good luck!

  2. Danni,

    Thanks! Its not just turning gray, its turning orange. I had no idea what is going on with it. I've never seen burlap do this before. I'm going to test spray painting it today just to get it a touch up. I managed to get 3 of the four skulls off so I don't have to worry about ruining them. I hope it works!


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